Saturday, August 25, 2012

Matthew's Mad Science Birthday Party

A couple of weeks ago I shot this awesome birthday party in the city. I had a hard time choosing my favorite photos because there were just so many! So there will be two parts to this one. 
Matthew turned 7, and his mom, Mina (who also owns A Swan Event... so of course this was sure to be a great event) put on an awesome party for all of his friends. There were experiments to be had, super bouncy balls to be made, and rockets to be launched. Not to mention lots of fun treats to be eaten!
All in all, it was a super fun time, and I even learned a few new things. 

Monday, August 6, 2012



This past weekend I made a trip back home to Ohio for a few days! So this here is my lovely mother! They are moving from Ohio to California in a little over a week (I can’t believe it, and I’m totally jealous) so my mom wanted me to do some new head shots for her before they left. SO, after our last dinner as a family in Ohio (at Fiesta Mexicana… the best Mexican food ever, I’m seriously gonna miss it), I took a walk with my mom and dad out at the golf course around sunset. The light was so so awesome, so in addition to the head shots, I snapped a couple of my mom and dad together and then my dad took a few of my mom and I together! (we’re adorable, I know)
Anyways, it was good to go home, even if it was a short visit. Next time I go home, there will be pictures by the ocean! But for now it’s back to being busy again!