Friday, July 27, 2012

The Coffee Studio

The Coffee Studio 
Yesterday I stopped in The Coffee Studio for the first time to take a few pictures. This is sort of a mock editorial that I’m doing just as an experiment for a possible job, and just for practice and fun! I called a few days before I went in to see if it would be okay, and the owner was super nice about it.
When I went in, she asked me if I could maybe take some pictures of their new flatbreads, and of course I’m always down for some food photography! So here are the results. I had a lot of fun, and it was nice to just go out and take some images just to do it and get the practice.
The Coffee Studio is located in Andersonville and reportedly has the best coffee in town! (I would say I know from experience, but I have yet to develop a taste for coffee) The people who work there are friendly, and their new flatbreads look pretty awesome! ;) 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Chinatown Wedding

It was a beautiful, sunny day for a wedding, although it was pretty toasty out! Everyone survived though and the day was lovely, I had such a great time with this couple, they were so sweet and laid back. I know they’ll live a happy happy life together!

For their couple photos, we went to this super cool park in Chinatown that had some great photo spots. There was so much variety it was the perfect location! After that we headed to the reception, met up with all of the guests and had a great time at the reception. 
Thanks again guys for being so great. I had a blast and was so happy to be a part of your day!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Women's Athletic Club Chicago Wedding

I shot this small wedding a little under a month ago, and it was beautiful. The couple, the guests, the venue, it was all lovely, I was so honored to be a part of their happy day. 
Wishing you guys only the very best!